MSEL Club Elektroninen Päävirtakytkin

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  • Meets all the FIA requirements for a battery isolator
  • Solid state using MOSFET technology with no moving parts
  • 200A continuous current at 25 degrees C (1000A peak current)
  • Alternator discharge before disconnection of the battery to avoid load dump which can damage electronics in the vehicle
  • Switches positive
  • CAN-bus messaging for logging, diagnostics and safety
    • Reason for shut down (internal or external switch, over current, over temperature, CAN command to shut down etc)
    • Current passing through Master Relay
    • Voltage at Master Relay
    • Voltage at Battery
    • Shut down command for other devices on CAN
  • LED status light
  • 300mm fly-lead for switched inputs, ground, CAN and output trigger
  • Built in short protection
  • Supply voltage between 8 and 30V
  • 0.001A current draw in standby mode
  • CNC aluminium case
  • 120g

HUOM! FIA-hyväksyttyyn ohjaukseen tarvitset esimerkiksi 2kpl 2-piirisiä vipukatkaisijoita joilla ohjataan päävirtakytkintä ja moottorinohjausta. Löydät nämä esimerkiksi liittyvistä tuotteista.

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